Blog on the Go with these 5 Apps

When you’re juggling a full-time job alongside your blog, every spare moment counts. Whether it’s during your morning commute, your lunch break, or those few minutes waiting for your dinner to heat up, making the most of those small moments can impact your blog’s growth.

But by the time you get your computer powered up and your files and programs open, you don’t have time to do everything you want on your blog.

Luckily, we have our phones that go with us everywhere. They gives us the chance to work on some of those smaller blogging tasks on the go with the help of some apps.

screen of a cell phone showing the apps that are on it.

Here are some apps that I’ve found helpful in getting some blogging time in during those free moments.

1. WordPress App: While I much prefer to work in WordPress on my computer, the WordPress app comes in handy for tackling some of those smaller tasks. I find it a little confining to write blog posts in the app, but it’s perfect for tasks such as writing headlines, uploading images and replying to comments. It keeps you connected to your blog even when you’re away from your desk.

2. Canva App: When I just have a few minutes, I like to work making images for my blog post or pins to pin on Pinterest. Canva is my go-to graphic design program and along with the online editor that I use on my computer, there is an app to use on my tablet and phone. I can access all my designs and projects no matter which device I’m using. So I can start making my blog images or pins on my laptop and finish them on phone at work in no time.

3. Google Drive and Google Docs Editor Suite Apps: Okay. This is more than 1 app. The Google Docs Editor Suite includes the word processing app, Google Docs and spreadsheet app, Google Sheets. Then there is the Google Drive app is a file storage program.

So how to use them for blogging? Google Docs is a great place to brainstorm ideas and write draft posts in, while Google Sheets works great for collecting post ideas, keeping track of stats, headlines and keywords for future use. Google Drive is where you can access any files you store there any where you can sign into your Google account.

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4. An organization App: Being organized is not my strong point. But I try my best! Organization apps let you be organized no matter where you are. Take your pick from the variety of organizational apps that are out there. Apps like Notion or Trello help you keep those blog tasks and goals organized so when you have just a few minutes you can go in and update your tasks as well as plan your workflow for when you get home and will be working on your blog.

5. Speechnotes: For me, using a dictation app has been a game-changer in streamlining my blog post creation process. I can draft posts and even newsletters simply by speaking into my phone. I find that I can write faster when I speak then if I write it out. The words just seem to flow much easier.

There are a lot of different dictation apps out there. You can even use the speech to text in Google Docs although I found it to be annoying because it would only run for like 2 minutes before timing out in the middle of me talking. I’ve been using Speechnotes on my Android device for about 2 years and really love it! I can save the notes right into Google Drive to access when I get on my computer to write my posts or emails.

woman sitting on a couch in a break room looking at her cell phone

By taking advantage of these apps, you can maximize your productivity and make the most of those free moments throughout your day. Whether you’re drafting blog posts, organizing your ideas, or creating images, having these apps ready on your phone ensures that your blog can continue to grow even when time is in short supply.

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