It’s okay to work a job while building your blog

Quit your job! Come on. You know you want to!  Everybody’s doing it!

If you’ve been around the blogosphere for a while you might start to think that the only way you’ll be able to have a successful blog is to quit your job.

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It’s definitely popular. And it makes for a good story when you are trying to push a product or course. You know as in, “I quit my job and was on the brink of losing my house when I spent my last [insert dollar amount here] on this course and was able to make $10,000 in my first month! And now you can too!”

Okay. Maybe the stories aren’t that dramatic, but it feels like they are.

Look. I think being able to quit your full-time job to grow your blog and make a full-time income from it is awesome. It’s a dream! It’s my dream. If you can do it, go for it!

But you probably wouldn’t be here on The Moonlighting Blogger if you could do that right now.

And that is okay.

In fact, there are a lot of good reasons to keep working your day job while building your blog.

So what are some of the benefits of working while blogging? How about-

  1. Be able to pay your bills. Let’s just start with the big one. Not everyone has a huge savings account or a significant other that brings other income into the house that keeps the household running while you work to build your online business. Being able to pay the rent/mortgage, electric, etc is big.
  2. You have a sure paycheck. Who wants to worry about coming up with money to pay bills? Getting your blog to the point of making an income that can replace the income of your blog takes time. Often it takes years even working on it full-time. With your job, you know how much money is coming in each week.
  3. You have benefits. Yes, benefits vary from job to job. I’m lucky to have health insurance, dental insurance, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, and extended PTO. You might not have all that. Or you may have more. Either way they give you a little peace of mind. And the cost to buy them as a self-employed blogger? A lot more than what you put in as an employee.
  4. You have paid time off. There’s nothing like being paid to take time off and work on your blog.
  5. You can pick and choose your blogging opportunities. Desperation can make you make some choices that you look back on with disdain later. When you are trying so hard to make an income on your blog, you might decide to take an opportunity even if it’s something you’d rather not do just to make some money. A paycheck means you can take your time and find opportunities that fit your brand and goals.
  6. You’ll have money to buy courses, coaching, and other blog needs. Instead of worrying about covering your blog expenses and not being able to afford anything else, a paycheck gives you the ability to buy those things to help blog better.

Many of you are probably like me and will continue to work a full-time job while you blog. Yes, we’ll have to work a little harder to find the time, but it’s okay. The advantages can make it worth it.

8 thoughts on “It’s okay to work a job while building your blog”

  1. I’m doing this right now. It’s not practical to give up a job that pays the bills, right now. The great thing about blogging is that you can go at your own pace and enjoy the benefits of a full time job while building a side job that will, hopefully turn into your dream job later on!

  2. This article is right on time. I left my old job a couple months ago and have been blogging full-time while I look for a new job. I don’t want a 9-5, but my husband and I still have bills to pay.

  3. Yasss! I work full time, sometimes more. I also have a 3 year old and a 7 month old. Finding time to blog has been a bit challenging so I try to take time while I’m pumping on my break at work or while nursing to work on a post, keep active on my socials, and promote my site.

  4. Yes!!! So many people push that “quit your job” mindset and while it may work for some who have savings or a partner who still works and pays the bills lol it’s not for everyone! Also, I love taking a day off now and then for a blogging day!


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