Meet the Blogger- Lisa from Waves and Cobblestones

There are many times I feel like the only person who works a day job and tries to blog on the side especially when it feels like I’m struggling. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Meet the Blogger is a series to help you see you are not alone by letting you meet other bloggers like you- working to build a successful blog while working a full-time job.

And now…

Meet Lisa Garrett from Waves and Cobblestones

Tell us a little bit about your offline life and work.

I am married to my favorite traveling partner, Chris. We have two very spoiled dogs, Kelsey and Polly. For my full-time day job, I am an engineer with a large semiconductor manufacturing company (I help build your computer chips).

Are you currently working full-time while blogging or have you been able to transition from full-time job to full-time blogger?

Currently working full-time while building my blog

Why and how did you get into blogging?

I love traveling and plan to travel extensively after I retire in a couple of years. My mother always says that I will be totally bored when I retire. So I started a travel blog as a way to have a hobby that will dovetail perfectly with my grand future traveling plans.

What is your goal with your blog?

My current goal for my blog is to grow my readership — I’d love to be able to apply for Mediavine membership by the time I retire so that I can have a source of income from my writing.

How close are you to your goal?

Well, since I just started my travel blog at the end of November 2021, I’m still working my way out of the mysterious Google Sandbox. My posts get indexed fairly slowly, meaning it takes a long time before I can see any traffic from Google Search for my posts. But I’m starting to get some traction and have grown to 2k monthly sessions. It’s a start!

What is the biggest challenge you have blogging while working a full-time job?

My biggest challenge is finding enough time to write quality content for my blog. I can only work on my blog on the weekends. Since I write fairly lengthy posts (3k-7k words), it can take two or three weekends of writing to complete a new post.

What is something you are proud to have accomplished on your blog while working a full-time job?

I am proud to have grown my DA to 21 in six months (primarily by earning backlinks from collaboration posts). I’m also proud to have a post consistently on the first page of Google!

How do you stay motivated to work on your blog?

I think the first year is the toughest for staying motivated as a new blogger. You put in a ton of work but don’t necessarily see much return for all of that time spent! I celebrate the small wins, such as getting a new post indexed, or hitting a new ‘ personal best’ for numbers of Google clicks per month.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to blog while working a full-time job?

Especially as a new blogger, you need lots of great content to start getting readers. But blogging is a marathon, not a sprint — so you need to be sure that you don’t push yourself too hard. Otherwise, you’ll start to get burned out before your new blog has a chance to flourish.

Where else can people find you online(social media)?

Visit Waves and Cobblestones on Facebook and Instagram

Are you a blogger trying to build your blog while working a full-time job?

I’d love to feature you and your blog in Meet the Blogger! Just head over and answer the question on the form.

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  1. Blogging is definitely a marathon!! Not easy but the key is to stay consistent, and put out the unique content. I loved this.

  2. I love this post, Lisa and Dawn! It’s refreshingly open and honest about the struggles that come from being a new blogger, and a great reminder to celebrate the little wins. Thank you for sharing!


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