10 Easy Tips to Help You Stick to a Blog Writing Schedule

When your blogging time is limited, it can be a struggle to stick to a blog post writing schedule. Especially when so there is so much else competing for our attention.

But if we want our blog to be successful, we need to publish posts regularly. A writing schedule will help us post consistently.

What can you do to keep to a writing schedule?

  1. Set A Reachable Writing Goal. This isn’t the time to set stretch goals. Make it a goal you can reach. That way you will stay motivated to keep reaching your goal every day. I like to follow Jon Acuff’s advice and make a goal then cut it in half. If I reach my goal- Yay me! If I go past my goal- Double yay me!
  2. Make a Plan to Write. Now that you have your goal, make a writing schedule. Plan what days and time you are going to sit down and write for your blog. And then do it!
  3. Have a Dedicated Writing Space. Having a spot that is dedicated to blogging helps your brain transition into blogging mode more easily and make a distinction between blogging time and other time. It makes it easier for you to sit down and get right to working on your blog.
  4. Get Rid of Distractions. Have your dedicated writing space be in a low distraction area. Then be sure to reduce other distractables like your phone, TV, even websites like social media that might take your attention away from your work. Chrome will let you make multiple profiles so I have one for my blog and that’s all I use it for so no temptation to scroll Facebook. If that’s not enough to keep you off your favorite sites when you are working, there are also apps that will block your most distracting websites.
  5. Be sure to take Breaks. When you are writing for a length of time, be sure to add breaks to your writing schedule. They help keep you from getting burned out and let you clear your mid so you can keep writing.
  6. Make a Word Count Goal for your Writing Session. It’s good to break goals down into smaller goals. Setting a word count goal helps you stay focused, get a certain amount of work done and accomplish a goal!
  7. Use a Timer. Knowing we only have to work for a set amount of time and then get a break can help us stay focused on our writing. Use a kitchen timer, a timer app on your phone or get real fancy and use an online pomodoro timer to keep you on task.
  8. Find an Accountability Partner. Sharing your writing goal with someone else is a great idea. They are invested in you meeting your goals and can help keep you on track by providing motivation.
  9. Take part in a Writing Group or Writing Challenge. While writing groups tend to be for people writing a book, there’s no reason you couldn’t join. Not only having the support of other writers, but being surrounded by people who have the same goal of writing can be motivating and inspiring as you see them meeting their goals.
  10. Reward Your Successes. It’s important to celebrate your successes even the small ones. It keeps you motivated which helps you keep the momentum going so you keep moving forward with your writing. The rewards don’t have to be big. They can be something as simple as watching a movie you’ve been wanting to see or going to grab a coffee.

Yes. Trying to keep to a writing schedule can be hard especially when work, family and life are fighting for your time. But by taking the time to put these tips into practice, you will be more productive and on your way to making your blog a success.

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