It’s Okay to be Blogging at Your Own Pace

This might not sound blogging related but bear with me.

I got a new shed. Not one of those already built sheds, but one you needed to follow an instruction book to put it together. Thank goodness for friends who offer to help. It took us about 8 hours to put the shed together.

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Now if you were to read the reviews, you would find that it took other people about three to four hours. Some even got it together in 5 hours putting it together by themselves!

Now there are a couple of ways I could think about this.

One way is that my friend and I suck at building sheds. Maybe I should have hired somebody to do it. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten a shed at all.

Another way to is that maybe the time it took those other people isn’t right. I mean only 5 hours to put the shed together by themselves? Is that possible? Or maybe their sense of time was just off and it took them much longer than they imagined it did.

Or maybe my friend and I were just putting that shed together at our own pace. It was a pace that allowed us to follow the instructions. It was a pace that allowed us to pay attention to detail. It was a pace that allowed us to troubleshoot and fix the problems we had along the way without compromising the shed’s integrity.

You could look at blogging the same way.

Yes. It might be taking you longer than other bloggers to meet your blogging goals.

It could be because you might not be all that great at blogging. You might need help and to take courses or watch videos to learn how to do what you need to do.

Or other people might make it appear that they got to blogging success much faster though the truth might be that it took them as long as it is taking you.

Or you just might be moving ahead with your blog at your own pace. In your own style. Maintaining your integrity. Giving your readers the best of you.

I can tell you, my friend and I are very proud of the effort we put into the shed. We did not take into consideration that other people might have done it faster or that maybe we shouldn’t have even taken on the project. We ended up in the same place they did- with a finished shed.

And you should keep that in mind with your blogging. It might feel like it’s taking you longer, especially trying to fit it in around a full-time job, but the end result will be the same.

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